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Meat & Fish


    Classic 16cm Boning Knife

    RRP: $239.00

    The GF-31 is a forged boning knife specifically made for removing bones from poultry, meat and fish. This knife features a sharp point and narrow stiff blade. The GF-31 includes a bolster which provides protection by preventing the hand from slipping...

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    Classic 16cm Meat Chopper

    RRP: $315.01

    GLOBAL knives are supposed to be refined, delicate instruments for preparing food to exact specifications.... not the G-2 16cm Meat Chopper! It has one real purpose, to smash through bones and cut up large portions of meat. The GLOBAL meat chopper...

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    Classic 21cm Filleting Knife

    RRP: $210.00

    The G-20 21cm Filleting Knife was designed for preparing larger types of fish including salmon, cod and tuna. The flexibility of the blade easily slices along the backbone and under the skin of fish. The G-20 is made from CROMOVA 18 stainless steel,...

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    Classic 21cm Swedish Fillet Knife

    RRP: $269.01

    The G-30 is a specialist filleting knife. It is very similar to the G-21 and effectively does the same task, however this is the shape and design preferred in the Scandinavian market. In fact, this knife was made specially for Swedish fans of GLOBAL® who...

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    Classic 25cm Yanagi Sashimi Knife

    RRP: $279.00

    The G-11 25cm Yanagi is a specialist Japanese knife for preparing sushi and sashimi. The long single bevelled blade allows the user to make clean, controlled cuts in a single stoke. The back face of the blade is concaved which creates non-stick...

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    NI 16cm Slicer Knife, Flexible

    RRP: $165.00

    This versatile knife excels at everyday tasks and is perfect for small tasks where precise cuts are needed. The blade is also flexible making is a great option for filleting and skinning fish.The Ni collection has everything you would expect from GLOBAL;...

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