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Mr Global

Early years

Mino San was born on a farm in 1938, growing up on the farm he learnt an appreciation for tooling. After graduating from High School Mino San began working full-time at Seki Cutlery Mfg. Co. Ltd in conjunction with studying at HOSE University. Between 1956-1985 he was employed in the export sales department of Seki.

Education and experience

Mino’s years of working in the cutlery industry won him many strong business connections. Unknown to Mino San at the time these connections would prove integral to the starting a successful Global Knives international enterprise.

The beginning of Global Knives

In 1985 Mino set up MASTER Cutlery Corporation – it will be his company’s 30th Anniversary in 2015. It wasn’t soon after setting up that a good friend, the president of YOSHIKIN approached Mino San. In 1987 YOSHIKIN passed onto Mino San the very first samples of GLOBAL kitchen knives, comprising of 12 knives including the G-7.

Global Knives

In 1990 they started exporting to Canada, Spain and Australia and sales increased again significantly. Today the factory capacity is filled in many months in advance and GLOBAL exports to 88 countries around the world. GLOBAL Knives and Mino San are now an internationally renowned.