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global-knives-sponsors-masterchef-logo-.jpgMASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA

Global Knives have graced the illustrious MasterChef counter tops every year since the program began in 2009. Global knives are used extensively by all the contestants in high pressure situations, and therefore they need the best. The original knife block which featured in early seasons was the ‘Synergy’ and these were replaced with the black ‘Zeitaku’ set in 2017. Many other specialty knives are used by the contestants and in 2019 the new Global Cutting Boards in Maple were added to the show, becoming the base for the famous Mystery Box challenges.


global-knives-sponsors-mkr-logo-.jpgMY KITCHEN RULES

Global Knives is the exclusive knife brand partner for My Kitchen Rules, often abbreviated as MKR, an Australian competitive cooking game show broadcast on the Seven Network and. The Synergy Block is featured in the studio along with specialty knives required for various challenges. Each contestant also receives their own set of nine Global knives in an MKR branded knife roll which is personalised with their names. These sets are used in preparation for the filming of the show and for the ‘Instant Restaurants’ segments.


global-knives-sponsors-marley-spoons-logo.jpgMARLEY SPOON

“Marley Spoon loves Global knives because of the great quality steel which stays sharper for longer. They also feel well balanced and comfortable in the hand” says Claire Dickson-Smith of the fresh ingredients and recipe delivery service. Global knives are often seen in the prep shots included on the recipe cards provided with each ‘deliciously easy’ meal box.


global-knives-sponsors-vive-cooking-school-logo-.jpgVIVE COOKING SCHOOL SYDNEY

VIVE Cooking School empowers individuals through the cooking and sharing of nourishing food with family and friends. “We are a customer-centric company, always looking for ways to improve our student's experience, and that is why we are proud to work with Global Knives. The brand is the synonym of the balance between quality, reliability and aesthetic. Our students not only discover the joy of cooking with such beautiful tools, but they also realize the importance of using quality knives. Nothing gives me more confidence when our Chefs are taking pride in using Global Knives to deliver an amazing culinary experience to already thousands of students.” - Jean-Luc Tan, Founder/CEO


global-knives-sponsors-sydney-seafood-school-logo-.jpgSYDNEY SEAFOOD SCHOOL

The team at Sydney Seafood School, in the iconic Sydney Fish Market, has a mission to inspire everyone to eat well together through fun, engaging cooking experiences. Seafood School Manager, Roberta Muir, says: “The most fundamental tool in any kitchen is a good sharp knife. We love having a range of Global knives for our guests to use, they look smart, are comfortable to hold and keep their edge well.”